Love Bombs, The Alchemy of Raw Cacao Truffles Blended with Adaptogenic Herbs

  • Raw Cacao    Serotonin Booster, rich in skin beautifying anthocanins.
  • Goji Berries    Brighten eyes, weight Stabilizer, mood uplifting.
  • Chaga Mushroom    Skin Regeneration,rich in melanin
  • Medjool dates   High in "Sirtuin" Mimic's the effect of calorie restriction.
  • Shisandra Concentrate    Protects the skin from the sun and wind, brings a luster to skin.
  • Coconut butter    High in lauric acid that boosts metabolism.


Raw chocolate is one of the most chemically complex foods on this earth.  Rich in the bliss molecule "anandamide", an endorphin that the body produces after excerise. It is only found in one plant-cacao.

Love Bombs were created out of a desire to comfort. To be able to eat something utterly delicious, that in turn nourishes body mind and spirit.

We use "Criollo' cacao, the most precious of three cacao variations. We gently infuse  the raw cacao with hand crafted Chaga mushroom from Maine. Chaga is rich in beta glucans which nourish the skin, hair and eyes.

Organic goji berries are soaked in organic USA grown Schisandra concentrate, the base of our Beauty food. Medjool dates, rich in the "sirtulin gene" are added to offer a high profile of polyphenols.

Coconut butter completes the profile offering rich, clean energy  brain food. 


Take 3 bombs daily for optimal nourishment.